Antonio Muñoz Molina: “Time to get up”

Today, my father has sent me this article by Antonio Muñoz Molina (“Hora de despertar”). It talks about the question that many (or not so many?) had raised year ago. How a medium country could maintain such way of live, not very different from that of Germany or other European countries from the North (“Lo que yo me preguntaba, y lo que preguntaba cada vez que veía a un economista, era cómo un país de mediana importancia podía permitirse tantos lujos. Y me preguntaba y me pregunto por qué la ciudadanía ha aceptado con tanta indiferencia tantos abusos, durante tanto tiempo”). It was obvious that the magnificence was not in every aspect of the live. Millions were spent in highways, buildings, high-speed trains and other glamorous things, while education, for example, was not considered so interesting. The level of our students has been decreasing every year in comparison with other countries, without causing alarm in our politicians nor in the society in general.

This is the point that article emphasizes, our own responsibility in the present situation (“España vivía en un estado de irrealidad parcial, incluso de delirio, sobre todo en la esfera pública, pero no solo en ella. Un delirio inducido por la clase política, alimentado por los medios, consentido por la ciudadanía, que aceptaba sin mucha dificultad la irrelevancia a cambio del halago, casi siempre de tipo identitario o festivo, o una mezcla de los dos”). Crisis started when it become evident that the debt that banks had created was unrecoverable. But, although the crisis was caused by others, it is clear that certain societies were more prepared than others to fight against the crash. Our autonomous regions, our city councils and, perhaps in special, our companies had debts. Big debts when we had been lived an impressive period of economical expansion.

The last sentence of the article is also good: “Lo más raro es que el espejismo haya durado tanto”.

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