sGC projectSoluble Guanylate Cyclase. The objectives of this project is to understand conformational changes that results in soluble guanylate cyclase activation and to discover the potencial sites of interaction of the recently described modulators of the enzyme. The project is made in collaboration with David Garcia-Dorado (director of my previous lab: Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology) and with Jordi Villà-Freixa (head of the Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics Laboratory). This research involves a combination of homology modelling, docking calculations and molecular simulations.

TNFR1 projectTNF alpha receptor type I. This is my first project in the new lab. The most frequent therapy to treat Multiple Sclerosis is the administration of immunomodulators (like interferon beta). The problem is that a significant proportion of patients do not respond to this treatment. Recently, an association between allelic variants of the receptor type I of TNF alpha and this type of response to the treatment with immunomodulators has been found. Our objective is to understand how changes in receptor sequence results in a different clinical profile.

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