Luis AgullóWelcome to my personal Web site! I am a biomedical researcher. I studied Chemistry at The Autonomous University of Madrid, in Spanish Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Chemistry degree, UAM, 1984; specialization in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and got my PhD at the same University in 1992. Since then, my scientific career has been related with signal transduction. You can take a look to my recent lines of research at Research or to my publications and citation metrics at Publications. At present, I am working at The Research Group in Bioinformatics and Medical Statistics (BEM) of the University of Vic.

Apart from my professional dedication to the scientific work, I am a great fun of internet and of its possibilities in education and popularization of science. In this regard, I am editor of several Websites, including Blaumedica and Blauciencia.

Contact address: Dr. Luis Agulló Rueda
Departament de Biologia de Sistemes, Universitat de Vic, Sagrada Familia 7, 08500 Vic, Spain
e-mail: luis.agullo[at]lagullo.com