Luis AgullóWelcome to my personal Web site! I am a biomedical researcher. I studied Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Madrid, in Spanish Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Chemistry degree, UAM, 1984; specialization in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and got my PhD at the same University in 1992 (although the experimental work was carried out at the Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Since then, my scientific career has been related with signal transduction. You can take a look to my recent lines of Research or to my Publications for more details.

At present, I am working as professor and researcher at the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVIC-UCC) and being part of the Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics Lab (CBBL) [integrated into The Research Group in Bioinformatics and Medical Statistics (BEM)] at the same university.

Apart from my professional dedication to the scientific work, I am a great fun of internet and of its possibilities in education and popularization of science. In this regard, I am editor of several Websites, including Blaumedica and Biolaboratorio (right now both in reissue).

Contact address: Dr. Luis Agulló Rueda
Associate Professor in Human Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya, Carretera de Roda 70, 08500 Vic, Barcelona
e-mail: luis.agullo[at]lagullo.com